Have you ever wondered if you would take your bags inside the grocery store, put stuff inside and leave the shop without even a hectic line of cashier? Yes, that’s what amazon’s new technology makes us do! Amazon-go store lets customers grab what they want without any human interaction. There is no cashier, there is no safety, and the scanners and the camera do everything. Amazon has already launched its GO- STORES in Chicago, New York, Seattle and San Francisco. Amazon has reportedly considered opening as many as 3000 Amazon-Go stores by 2021!


The Amazon Go customers just need to install its online application in their mobile phones and walk inside the stores by scanning the QR code. The customers need to hold the phone’s screen over the gate scanner to unlock. They can also use their app to let their friends and family in. Once the customers are in, they can take anything they want and it will be added to their virtual cart. Anything they take off the shelf is automatically added to their virtual cart and anything they put back comes out of their virtual cart. Amazon brings a minim alistic shopping experience for the customers where there are no trolleys and carts are required. Customers can put the products in their bags and just walk out.

The product stocks available in Amazon Go stores include ready to eat breakfasts, lunches, dinners, beverages and snacks. There are no lines at the cash counters and no need for check out! But it doesn’t mean that there is no staff. There’s a staff in the stores to ask for assistance and they’re filling products in the vacant shelves. The moment the customers come out of the store, receipts are generated and the amount is debited from the bank accounts of the customers associated with the Amazon Go account. It’s a complete grocery store where a time starved person can find his needs.

Amazon is well-aware of their customer preferences, as this technology brings them close to their customers. The Amazon-Go stores are peppered with cameras and sensors. The shelves are also covered with sensors that catch information once the product is taken by the customer, hence it is automatically added to their virtual cart. Amazon Go Researches show that the consumers in the US prefer meals prepared away from home than the food cooked at home. Hence, the technology finds its success here. Fast and easy way of shopping. This technology is capable of beating the whole retail market system!


How is it possible to identify the number of products that the customers take and put back? How does this entire system work? The answer is what the Amazon Go store brings. The entire store uses computer vision, deep learning algorithm and sensor fusion, much like what’s used in self driving cars. The ceiling of the store is covered with cameras and sensors, which make stealing difficult. It can track the movement of the customer using sensors and it can sense your movements near the shelves. It also detects the movement of the hand near a product to know if it has been taken out of the shelf or not.

Whenever the customer takes out a product, it is added to their online cart and hence, there is no way to steal. Each customer is identified through their Amazon Go accounts. The app does not let you track your cart activities while shopping; the customers won’t be able to see their cart and receipt until they get out of the store. Food products in the store are covered with a sticker with camera recognizable codes. The price is also reasonable to the customers, when compared to other stores. The receipt shows how long the customer shopped and the prices in detail. It is a very convenient and fast way to get ready to eat products.


It possesses the most advanced shopping technology that is being used in the present world. It has reformed the gap between the online and offline world. Rather than choosing to search online for their instant needs, customers can easily grab and go whatever they want from the store. When technology develops, time and speed will also improve in the future. For a customer leading a busy life, it is convenient to use this ‘grab and go’ technology as it saves time and money with no human interaction. The Amazon Go app shows all the products and their prices before you get there, and hence it is more appealing. There are some instances where some products are not charged, it is just like a careless cashier. It is pretty cool to shop and run. Let us go, grab and leave!