Essential Tips To Find Trending Products To Sell Online

The e-commerce industry is a jungle and as an e-commerce business owner, you are one of those predators who’s always on the hunt for a trending product to sell, one that will make you the King of the jungle.

Finding trending products to sell online, before they stop being trendy, will require you to have the hawk eye, the tiger’s stealth, and the leopard’s agility in order to make your hunt worthwhile.

In this blog, we’ll take you through an informative safari of how to find trending products to sell online and what to consider while searching for them. Hop on board!

Clean, Study Google Trends:

Browse Online Marketplaces: Just like how the tiger uses his innate sense of smell to whiff out the movements and territories of other predators in the jungle you gotta be aware of what’s selling across online marketplaces. Begin by checking the best sellers on sites like ebay, Amazon, Etsy and Aliexpress. eBay and Amazon also list out the products that have been trending in the past 24 hours. Check out Amazon Movers and Shakers and eBay Watch Count.

If you are willing to go the extra mile and loosen your purse strings, try JungleScout, and stay updated with the latest trends and best sellers on Amazon.
Other popular sites to visit for tending products:
Subreddits(communities) on Reddit like
Shut up and take my money
Gear for Guys
Find it on Amazon
Good value products
Skincare Addiction

B2B marketplaces you can skim through for trending products:

Global Sources

ecommerce website
Online Blogs and Publications: Looking for something more than just the quick come and go of a scent, then what you need are claw marks on the trees. There are online blogs and publications backed with definite reasoning and expertise that can tell you all about trending products, trendsetters, and other detailed insights about retail goods and trends. A few of them that you could check out are:
Trend Hunter: Tips and advice on everything e-commerce.
SaleHoo: For info on trending products or tips to create a new marketing strategy.
Trend Watching: Find out what over 3000 trend spotters worldwide are talking about.
PFSK: Deep dive into research, ideas, insights, and strategies; perfect for product selection and sales strategizing.

Follow Influencers:

If you’re in the Jungle looking to catch a glimpse of the tiger, you’ll need to follow pug marks and alarm calls which give you a headstart in your quest for the beautiful creature. Influencers have come to rule the roost in e-commerce marketing, following them and their social media initiatives will give you a heads up about the products they support. Their popularity online often causes trends to shift, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for them.

Explore Think Google Tool:

The naturalist or the jungle guide who is familiar with the jungle and the tiger behavior, helps you make the most of your time in the jungle safari, by giving you details about the movements, latest sightings and more. Apart from helping you find the trending products online, The Think Google Tool helps you identify customer behavior patterns, competitors’ pricing, and the latest trends in retail categories

Things to consider while searching for trending products online to sell:

Whether you’re a predator or a wildlife enthusiast, you’ll need to plan and strategize your every move. Chart out your product hunt in the e-commerce jungle based on the following points:

Identify problems that are trending: Your e-commerce business is not just offering products but solutions to people’s problems. What are the problems you are facing? Sometimes personalising helps to identify and understand customer behavior.

Passion-driven products: Don’t forget you’re not just investing time and money in your business, you’re investing loads of emotion too. A business without passion won’t last long, after all, that’s what drives your everyday decisions. Look for industries or products you are passionate about, which add more value and meaning to your life. Yeah sure, it might lead you to some niche products, but with the right branding, even niche products find their rightful place. After all, niche brands have a passionate audience who promise you high conversions.

Products with branding potential:
A tiger will assess the potential of a forest, if he feels there’s not much left for him, he’ll look for greener pastures or rather meatier pastures! And no tiger wants to leave his territory, does he?
Make sure that when you pick your product be it based on trends or passion, you have the answers to these questions below:
What’s the branding potential of the product?
How will you position it?
What’s the appeal or theme will you be going for in your website or social media platforms?
Are you ready to woo your audience with the right design, engagement and messaging?

Hope these tips and hacks help you find your way through this dense yet bountiful jungle called E-commerce!