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Executive Level


CONTENT WRITER( Executive/Entry) Level (Number of Positions –2)


Social Media Executive Number of Positions (2)


Graphic Designer (Executive Level) (Number of Positions –02)


Google Ads (Number of Positions –01)


Social Media Ads Executive (Number of Positions –01)


Email Marketing Executive (Number of Positions –02)

Senior Level


SEO MANAGER (Number of Position–1)


SENIOR CONTENT WRITER (Number of Position –1)


SEM MANAGER (Number of Position –1)




EMAIL MARKETING MANAGER (Number of Position –1)


LEAD GRAPHIC DESIGNER (Number of Positions –01)

Strengthened by diversity

We currently operate across countries around the world, with our headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and offices in major cities in Canada and India. We take pride in the diversity of our workforce, as we have employees from distinct cultural backgrounds who have united to move ahead for a common purpose.
Our differences have only served to bring us together and given us the exposure that is valuable in the business industry. Mutual respect is the secret ingredient that drives our team to work together efficiently and what we practice everyday in our work and personal lives.

our Fundamental Values

The value that we prioritise, as well as integrate into everything we do is trust. We consider trust to be the unshakeable base on which all our business practices operate, without which we might as well come tumbling down. We believe that an ideal company operates on trust and that’s what we are striving to become. For us, the word trust comprises openness towards the clients and customers, as well as honesty amongst the members of our workforce.

Relatedly, teamwork is another one of our strong points, and the value that we constantly try to incorporate into our work. We integrate our individual objectives with the common objective of our workforce so that whatever we do benefits everyone included in the team. Regular group meetings keep us up to date with each other’s work. Strong and frequent communication, understanding and consideration of each other’s viewpoints, and systematic balance of work amongst each other are the features that enable our team to work well together.

“Stay hungry, Stay foolish ”

Steve Jobs


We offer attractive and competitive salary packages to our employees. Pay equality is a major factor that we hold on to and make no compromises on. Employees are assisted to maintain proper work-life balance with flexible working hours, ideal office timings, and prime office locations.

Employees can take two working days of paid leave per month. Apart from that, they have Saturdays and Sundays off each week. They also get ten holidays per year that are inclusive of all the major festivals of the different religions in the country.

We offer health insurance to all our employees as well. We listen to employees’ concerns so that their minds are kept at ease and their time in the office is spent fruitfully.

Employee reognition programs

We appreciate and reward employees when they put in good work with our employee recognition programs. We conduct half yearly and annual sessions in which the employees who put in the best work are awarded, so as to motivate them to keep on improving their work and to increase their confidence in themselves.

Employee reognition programs

Employees are offered the chance to improve the skills required to grow in their career, and gain an edge over others in their area of expertise through various training programs and workshops. Mentoring employees to hone their skills is a common practice in our work space as we conduct personality development and leadership training sessions regularly. Employees are encouraged to join certificate courses that will benefit them in the long run and boost their knowledge, the expense for which is reimbursed by us. This will help them advance and keep up with the work pressure.

Career Enhancement

Our workplace is the ideal space to learn and grow, in a friendly and supportive environment. Every single day at work poses fresh challenges to the employees that are invigorating, thought-provoking and overall helps to enhance the employee’s intellect, as well as the skills required to move ahead with their career goals. Our HR Manager has nearly a decade of experience in career counselling, and frequently assists employees in their career matters. We believe that motivated employees work better, which is why we reward employees for producing exemplary results.

“Enthusiastic, engaged and loyal employees are essential drivers of our success and growth ”

Mohamed Multhazim, CEO